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SHPL is a young, dynamic and one among the fast growing pharmaceutical company of India. It enjoys a distin-
-guished status being 1 among the top 150 pharmaceutical Corporate of India as per data published by ORG-IMS.
The brand logo of SHPL – The ‘Butterfly’, stands for vibrancy and dynamism of the company which exhibits its
        commitment towards, “Bettering Life” thereby bringing joy and smiles amongst ailing patients.
SHPL has vast geographic coverage of India through its large field force over 510 sales personnel deployment
at different levels for promoting its products. It is ably supported by efficient and effective distribution system
        distribution system through 14 C&Ss and over more than 600 distributors.
As a company of repute among the pharma segment, we are present in the major thera-
-peutic segment such as Antihistamines and Anti Cough products in Respiratory, the APU
products in Gastroenterological, Anti-infective, Antibacterial, Painkillers, Antifungal etc.
The company reaches out to more than 50,000 practicing Drs with prominent specialties
as the family Physician, Consultant physicians, specialists in ENT, Derma, Chest, Gastro,
       Gynecs, Gen-Surgeons, Dentists etc.
SHPL’s brand ‘ALDAY’ enjoys the status of 2nd largest brand in terms of sales among the prominent anti-allergitic
brands. The company recently introduced brand extension of Alday through Alday AM, Alday RD, Alday AG syrup.
and Alday Activ, with clear strategic intent of becoming dominant player in the ever growing anti allergic market
       within the respiratory segement.
Apart from Alday, SHPL also has significant presence in the anti -cough market with our brand Altime CF being one
among top 50 prominent brands. The company has also made successful presence felt in other therapeutic seg-
      -ments through it strong Brand building and Marketing activities.
SHPL has clearly spelt out its Vision & Mission to continuously evolve as a dynamic pharmaceutical company in the
fast growing pharmaceutical markets of India. It has strategic plans with necessary support systems in a place for
increasing its market share – both in acute & chronic segment by way of introducing further products in the promi
    -nent therapeutic segments in near future.

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